Katie Zazenski

research focused on interconnectedness, hybrid structure and human connection through body-object relations. 


Katie Zazenski

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Voyager (2016)
a collaboration with Olga Mysłowska

The Artists Festival, Zachęta National Gallery of Art

This piece was inspired by the Voyager Golden Record, launched into space in 1977 with images and recording from Earth. Playing with the notion that it is more about self-validation than anything else, the immersive installation was created as a dualistic meditative space. On site, the projection screens were placed in opposition so they could not be watched simultaneously and speakers were positioned in a circle facing inward, tracks bouncing from one position to another, at times at a strobe-like pace. When viewed online, the videos are viewed side-by-side and the tracks have been compressed. The audio was generated by Mysłowska, the video was generated by Zazenski.

All 6 tracks have been compressed for the website and the videos play side-by-side.
All visual content is original (K.Zazenski)
Audio is sourced from the Voyager Golden Record and original synth recordings by O. Mysłowska

6 speakers arranged in a circle, 4 projectors-projecting images onto floors and walls, 2 screens facing one another. The viewer is intended to stand within this space. 15:00 loop

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