Katie Zazenski

research focused on interconnectedness, hybrid structure and human connection through body-object relations. 


Katie Zazenski

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How do we incorporate the physiological and emotional experience of our bodies in digital platforms (both mechanical and conceptual)/non-physical reality? How does knowledge evolve in a world dominated by image and abstracted context? How does digital space expand and contract, and how does this affect our physical sense of time, place, orientation, perception, perspective, and knowledge?

Katie Zazenski (she/her) is a Warsaw-based artist, curator, writer, editor, and lecturer whose practice is centred around cultural production in independent/peripheral communities. Since 2018 she has been director of the independent, art-run space Stroboskop where she has produced over 30 exhibitiontions featuring both Polish and international artists. In 2020, Katie joined the editorial team of BLOK Magazine, an English-language art, culture, and politics journal of the region known as Central and East Europe. Since 2022 she has worked as co-editor-in-chief together with Ewa Borysiewicz and Vera Zalutskaya. She is also an initiator of FRINGE Warszawa, an annual (since 2022) four-day event highlighting the independent scene in the city. Zazenski received her MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and is a two-time Fulbright fellow to Poland.

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