Katie Zazenski

research focused on interconnectedness, hybrid structure and human connection through body-object relations. 


Katie Zazenski

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How do we incorporate the physiological and emotional experience of our bodies in digital platforms (both mechanical and conceptual)/”non-physical” reality? How does conventional knowledge evolve in a world so often reduced to image with abstracted context? How does digital space expand and contract, and how does this affect our physical sense of time, place, orientation, perception, perspective, and knowledge?

What if we remove ourselves from the notion of linear history, of a point on a map achieved by a forward march with one foot in front of the other, and we replace it with a web, a pouch—a space that is sometimes front, sometimes back, sometimes left or right, up or down. And it is rather the act of movement that contains value, not the compass position. What if we gathered, held, paused. Contorted, contained, and returned—to being. To being conscious of proximity and alone-ness, which is not to be confused with solitude. The experience is an entanglement, a nested negotiation of internal and interior space with that on the outside, and all liminal spaces in-between, impossibly linked to the occupation of all matter, position-less time, and situational power1.

Katie Zazenski is an American-born, Warsaw-based artist, curator, writer, and lecturer whose practice is centered around interconnectedness, communication, and community. 

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1Excerpt from exhibition text for “Джутта (Jutta)” (2020), an installation by Agnieszka Mastalerz. 
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