Shelley Odradek 

Shelley Odradek is a strategy, an experiment in identity and embodiment that emerged during a hybrid remote/physical seminar: Re–Directing: East x Empathic Pedagogies: Future Intimacies, at the Center for Contemporary Art (CSW Zamek Ujzadowski) in Warsaw, Poland.  Katie Zazenski and Ola Andrzejewska worked collaboratively as artists-in-residence, to explore what it is to navigate two bodies as one with core values of trust, authenticity, and curiosity, through the emergence of Shelley Odradek.

I was manifested through a need to explore the future of intimacy, in consideration of life behind a screen, of love from a distance. I grow and am shaped by the continually changing external forces with which she interacts, the z-axis in an x and y frame.