Good Vibrations Video Installation at Museum of New Art Detroit/Where Are They Now Residency, 2014

I was reading The Elegant Universe and learning about String Theory, thinking about the universe being built of infinite tiny vibrations-- this web of micro movements that somehow lay at the heart of everything. I was thinking about these vibrations, and the beauty that exists in dualities like attraction and repulsion. The palpable seduction we feel when simultaneously wanting to run far and fast but not being able to un-glue our eyes from the unfolding horror.
I couldn't help but think of what it would be like to exist in that perfect, timeless moment where suddenly, despite infinite dizzying movement and sound that has been repeated so endlessly that order breaks down into anarchy. In that moment, there exists the sublime.

This installation was built for a residency with the Museum of New Art in Detroit, MI. It features a video piece that has been projected onto a sculpted wall surface. The wall has been covered in paint-sample swatches, their pattern is laid out to interact with the color and formal framing of the video. The audio is taken from the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”, it has been edited and is intended loop endlessly (full running time of loop is 3 min 15 seconds).