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research focused on interconnectedness, hybrid structure and human connection through body-object relations. 


Katie Zazenski

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Select Curatorial Projects 

Sounds Like Home / Brzmi Jak Dom (February-May 2022)

I was invited to work with a select group of students for a period of 2.5 months. The exhibition was the result of this intensive collaboration, a project for Spokojna Gallery which was coordinated between The Department of New Media and the Erasmus+ Program at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw.

excerpt from exhibition text: 

It started with a most basic question: how do 26 people from 17 different countries and 16 different disciplines, who barely know one another, with a curator they’ve just met, who has never seen their work, create an exhibition together in eight weeks in a space they had not yet set foot in? 

SOUNDS LIKE HOME presents the notion of home through the lens of absence, as it emerges from recorded words, tones, and resonances generated by both body and landscape. This exhibition represents the culmination of an intensive process of working together, and of re-defining and newly articulating ideas that are intangible, and deeply consequential.

the full text and exhibition information can be found here: Sounds Like Home for ASP/Erasmus+

Participating Artists: Leander Leutzendorff, Julia Bamber, Patrick Heegewald, Stamatia Galanis, Jennifer Zachlod, Jan Schulz, Lucie Hyšková, Rosa Heinemann, Konstantina Doukakarou, Vanda Burján, Marika Galluzzi, Nikolas Šilar, Gilly Biran, Romane (Romy) Manceau, Marcos Burgos, Anu Kadri Uustalu, Savvas Tsimouris, Maria Her, Marie Siewierski, Raluca Hogea, Katharina Michnik, Moritz Hartstang, Klára Dolníková, Yeti Yeti, Aksenia Avramova, Leo Happel


Desktop Archives Conversation Series (October 2021) 

This two-part conversation series was developed for Desktop Archives and was presented by Stroboskop 

The Sacred and the Mundane: Archiving a Catastrophe with Elisabeth Smolarz and Eva van Ooijen
In Proximity to the Non-Human Animal: Mediation in Times of Catastroph with Marta Bogdańska and Joseph Moore

Body Building: On the Formation of the Individual, Political, and Empowered Self (April 2021)

A conversation with Kexin Hao, Jessica Dudziak and Sebastian Winkler on the body as site and vessel through which personal experiences of power, marginalization, sublimation, and cultural, gendered, and social pressures are negotiated. The event was presented in connection with the exhibition of Sebastian Winkler, Skóra spruta i krew popsuta (Skin is Soiled, Blood is Spoiled) at Stroboskop (March-April 2021).

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video still from Head, Self-Harm Fantasy (2021) Jessica Dudziak

Baranek by Zuzanna Piętkowska and Alka Nauman (October 2020-May 2021)

Piętkowska and Nauman were selected as collaborative artists in residence for The Zelmot Experiment, a residency co-hosted by SAM Rozkwit and Stroboskop Art Space. Baranek is the resultant project that developed from their time as residents, 

excerpt from exhibition text: 

‘Baranek’, by definition, is a plastering technique that is most commonly used to renovate the exterior of modernist-style apartment bloks, the name for this signature gnarled, popcorn-like surface texture aptly translates to ‘lamb’, referring to the animals’ characteristic coat. This unique effect is achieved by using an acrylic plaster aggregate which is applied to the surface using a trowel and a spatula, and through a repetitive gesture of scooping up, drawing off the excess and applying with a sweeping motion, to the surface of the object. The gestures related to this process have formed the basis of the work between Piętkowska and Nauman, namely the body/the physical act of plastering, the play between subject/object (read: body/architecture), and the notion of façade.

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Spring Fling: a story about the beginning of spring, isolation, and survival(March-May 2020)

A collaboration between Stroboskop Art Space and SAM Rozkwit, inspired by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

excerpt from project description: 

As two liminal spaces occupying overlapping yet distinct grounds, SAM Rozkwit and Stroboskop have come together to reflect on both new and perennial questions: How does nature fit into an urban, contemporary life? What are the structures that we employ personally, collectively, publicly and privately, and how do we perform them? How does the performance of heritage or tradition, transition into a future where developed land is more prized than biodiversity?

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FOREIGN BODIES (September 2019)

Inspired by the exhibition at Stroboskop,  W Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej językiem urzędowym jest język polski (The official language of the Republic of Poland is Polish) by Daniel Kotowski, Foreign Bodies brought together nine artists based across Europe and the US who explore themes of nation state normalization and the body as site of spirited resistance. The screening of selected works took place at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, Poland. 

co-curated with Brittney Connelley / Carnation Contemporary 
participating artists: Monika Czyżyk (FI), Yoshinori Niwa (JP/AT), Julie Perini (US), Weronika Wysocka (PL), Lou Watson (US), Alek Sarna (PL/UK), Olga Dziubak (PL), Daniel Kotowski (PL) & Léann Herlihy (IRE)

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still from Forcing People To Speak About What They Don’t Understand (2017-ongoing), Yoshinori Niwa

POWER POSE (April 2019)

POWER POSE is a 50-minute video anthology that draws inspiration from Stroboskop’s first two exhibitions of the 2019 season, Objects of Worship by Jan Możdżyński and Trojan Horse by Léann Herlihy. POWER POSE is a conversation about power, queering, monuments, boundaries as well as gender and the (non)binary. It is a collaboration between two artist-run spaces, bridging distinct conversations on contemporary, universal themes.

co-curated with Martyna Szczęsna / DĄĄB

participating artists: The Motel Sisters, Bella Ćwir, Pixy Liao, Mutant Salon, Tommy Kha, Jakub Gliński, Mikołaj Sobczak, Hye In Han, Mahsa Biglow, Catherine Cramer, Audra Wist

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A Hopeful Gesture | in conjunction with the 2018 Creative Time Summit (November 2018)

excerpt from exhibition text:

What emerges from this collection is the prominence and nuance of the human voice as a gesture, the human voice as a tool. Whether it be through song, spoken word, or text, these sounds (or lack thereof) represent the vulnerability and precarity of the voice, its power, and the, at-times, near indistinguishability between being heard and being silenced. These small but significant gestures are aimed at disempowering the truer threats of today: monocultures, oligarchies, willful destruction of natural resources, and the denial of truth. They are a collective gesture that does not establish a perimeter to further divide but rather becomes the aperture from which to consider a more comprehensive existence.

co-curated with Kelley O’BrienThe Muted Horn

participating artists: Johannah Herr, Darice Polo, Jova Lynne, Heather Mawson, Carrie Wang, Jessie Rose Vala, UNDEREXPOSED team (Noelle Richard, Dagen Eidolon, Jacob Koestler, Amanda King), Hale Ekinci, Michael Dax Iacovone

Creative Time Summit screening in Warsaw

A Hopeful Gesture

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