How do we interpret the individual experience of the everyday? How do we incorporate the physiological and emotional experience of our bodies in digital platforms (both mechanical and conceptual)/non-physical reality, to create a more integrated, holistic platform? How does conventional knowledge evolve in a world so often reduced to images? How does digital space expand and contract, and how does this affect our sense of time and place?

My work fundamentally considers communication and interconnectedness. I make videos, photographs, installations, and internet-based works that reflect my curiosity about how we create and implement tools, knowledge, and systems as frameworks to construct, relate, adapt, and connect to one another. I am interested in the ways in which we grapple with possessing a physical body in an increasingly digital world, reconciling the parallels that exist between the micro and macro, and blurring of lines between the natural and synthetic worlds that we inhabit.

Katie is co-director of Stroboskop Art Space in Warsaw, PL and is the creator of The Haptic Mind

PL +48 731 215 128